No. Service Length/Width at Keel Back Depth over Sill (MLW)/(MHW) Cranes Main/Auxiliary
1 Repair/Conversion 163 m/21.9 m 5.5 m/6.1 m 1 - 85T @ 18.3 m R/ 12T @ 640 m R
2 Repair/Conversion 276.4 m/45.7 m 6.4 m/7 m 2 - 40T @ 19.2 m R/ 5T @ 42 m R

7T @ 51.8 m R

1 - 85T @ 18.3 m R/ 12T @ 64 m R
3 New Building
227.4 m/33.5 m 8.5 m/9.1 m 1 - 40T @ 19.2 m R/ 5T @ 42 m R

1 - 40T @ 24.4 m R/ 7T @ 51.8 m R
4 New Building
126.2 m/33.5 m
101.2 m/33.5 m
8.5 m/9.1 m
8.5 m/9.1 m
2 EA 2 x 180T/50T (Bridge Cranes 36 m)
1 EA 115T & 155T/250T (Bridge Cranes 35.4 m)
2 EA 25T (Bridge Cranes 30.2 m)
1 EA 22T @ 17 m
6T @ 50 m
5 Covered Erection
182.9 m length x 44.2 m width x 35 m height 880T Lifts

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Tampa Ship, Florida

A member of the Chouest family of companies. Tampa Ship, LLC specialize in conversions, general repair and overhaul of a wide range of vessels, including product tankers, container ships, general cargo vessels, drill ships and rigs, offshore supply vessels, bulk carriers, passenger/cruise ships, LPG and LNG carriers and reefer ships. Tampa Ship is the only commercial shipyard between Pascagoula, Mississippi and Hampton Roads, Virginia equipped with four large graving docks and extensive crane capabilities. We are experts in vessel lengthening and repowering. Our unique location, expert craftsmanship and legacy of excellence make Tampa Ship the right choice for your next job. Has track record with Norwegian controlled offshore fleet.

  • Experts in all facets of ship repair, including design, steel fabrication, pipe fabrication, electrical, piping, machinery, blasting and coating
  • Specialists in vessel conversions, including lengthening, repowering, life extensions and mission upgrades
  • Fully operational machine shop
  • Experienced in fully outfitted modular assemblies
  • High-pressure washing, slop and grit removal
  • Four graving drydocks serving ships up to 150,000 DWT and 907 feet in length
  • 650-ton crane capacity
  • 34-ft. deep drydock channel
  • Covered drydock accommodating 700-ton lifts
  • Unobstructed access from the Gulf of Mexico via a 43-ft. deep channel (175-foot bridge clearance)
  • Served by the CSX Railway System
  • Just minutes from Tampa International Airport, Interstates and the Crosstown Expressway