Yard Dock Type Length Beam Draft Cranes & Limits
China Shipbuilding Corp.          
Kaohsiung Graving Dock 950 m 92.0 m 14 m  
  Graving Dock 275 m 45.0 m 12.0 m  
Keelung Graving Dock 210 m 26.4 m 12.4 m 40 t
  Graving Dock 270 m 45.0 m 11.5 m 60 t
  Newbuilding Dock 275 m 45.0 m 10.5 m 150 t
Kwang-Youn-Gi Eng., Kaohsiung         Port repairs
Yards are situated in the southern and northern part of Taiwan.

Both yards have full newbuilding and repair facilities and Kaohsiungs huge 950 x 92 m graving dock is divided in three sections with repairs in the outer and newbuildings and conversions in the two inner sections.