Yiu Lian Hong Kong Floating Dock No.1 190 x 26.8, lifting capacity 12000 MT, max crane capacity 25 Ton
  Floating Dock No.3 304 x 45.8 lifting capacity 43000 MT, max crane capacity 30 Ton
  Main Berth 380 m main repair berth maximum draft up to 8.5 m and max quay crane capacity 40 Ton.

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Yiu Lian Hong Kong

Yiu Lian Hong Kong has more than 50 years of experience and is the biggest ship Repair yard in Hong Kong having achieved about 90% of the market share for ship repair in Hong Kong for ocean-going vessels in recent years. Yard has a good reputation on the machine repairing, especially for CPP, tailshaft and Main Engine repairs.

Main focus on routine docking of the new vessels, such as first or second special survey docking complementary to our Yiu Lian Shekou yard. Price level is quite close to the shipyards in Mainland China. Providing competitive rates lower rate for dock hire and / or general services. For Yiu Lian Hong Kong, the owner can enjoy the advantages of professional (maker’s) service and spare part handling.