German Dry Docks
Dock Length overall Width overall Clear width Crane capacity Lifting capacity
Dock I 222 m 32 m 26 m 1x35 t -
Dock II 335 m 40 m 35 m 1 x 35 t, 1 x50 t -
Dock III 286 m 47 m 38 m 3 x 15 t, 1 x 60 t 35.000 t
Dock IV 147 m 28 m 21 m 1 x 5 t, 1 x 10 t 4.100 t
Dock V 215 m 44 m 35 m 1 x 25 t 20.000 t
Dock VI 162 m 31 m 24 m 1 x 5 t, 1 x 6,5 t 8.000 t
Several piers at the yard even up to 400 m with crane capacity up to 60 tons

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German Dry Docks

The shipyard group German Dry Docks is formed from a merger of the Rickmers Lloyd Dockbetrieb and the business unit ship technology of the MWB / Motorwerke Bremerhaven. German dry Dock is a quality Shipyard which represent tradition. The yard can offer high efficiency and flexibility (6 docks in operation).
The yard can undertake all kinds of repairs.
Central location at the Kaiserhafen in the port of Bremerhaven close to the North Sea. The yard can offer an outstanding network of subcontractors in the environment of the internationally famous shipping center in Bremerhaven. Repeat jobs for Norwegian owners.