Yard Dock Type Length Beam Draft Cranes & Limits
Halifax Shipyard Floating Dock "Nova" 257 m 38.0 m 9.0 m 40 t x 2
  Floating Dock "Scotia" 183 m 32.0 m 8.5 m 15 t x 2
  Floating Dock 165 m 27.5 m 7.8 m 2 x 12.5 t
  Graving Dock 173 m 23.5 m 7.6 m 150 t
  Slipway 150 m 22.0 m 8.0 m 4700 t sections
Shelburne Ship Repair Slipway 122.0 m 18.5 m   3200 t

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HALIFAX SHIPYARD is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, close to major international shipping routes and to the most important Eastern Seaboard ports in U.S. It operates 365 days a year in ice-free conditions.

As the leading shiprepairer on the Canadian east coast, the yard is capable of handling all kinds of vessels within panmax range and limited to 36.000 tons lifting cap.

ISO 9001:2000 is implemented - skillful and reliable workforce.

THINK Halifax Shipyard when it comes to emergency docking - traditional docking - or smaller or major conversion projects.