ASL Marine Singapore Graving dry-dock no.1 340mL x 60mB / 300.000 dwt
  Graving dry-dock no.2 230mL x 35mB / 60.000 dwt
  Graving dry-dock no.3 180mL x 25mB / 20.000 dwt
  4: Berthing space Total 3,000m length including 450m Finger pier with water depth 6m ~ 12m at low tide.

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ASL Marine

The ASL Marine Group provides comprehensive range of repair and conversion services including retro-fittings, life-extensions and repair of various types of vessels. The Group's primary yard in Batam is one of the few yards in the region that can dock very large ships and vessels of even the aframax size and up to the capsize vessels. Equipped with a 300,000 dwt graving dry dock and two medium-sized graving dry docks of 60,000 dwt and 20,000 dwt, which is capable of repairing up to Capsize vessels.The repair capabilities also extend to the offshore oil and gas side, where the Group is even able to repair, reactivate and retro-fit drilling rigs and other offshore vessels. Repeat jobs for European and Asian owners.